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Jet Black Platinum Travel Size


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The Feeling: You and your fiancée prepare for an evening of celebration at one of the city’s most coveted restaurants. Tonight marks a milestone—a celebration of your recent triumph, a hard-earned promotion. Dressed impeccably in a tailored sport coat and polished leather shoes, you exude an air of confidence and sophistication. Beside you, your fiancée radiates elegance in a stunning red dress, her presence a perfect complement to your own. Together, you make a striking pair, turning heads and commanding attention as you step into the night.

The Fragrance: An intriguing and seductive opening of lavender and spice get sweeter with notes of toffee and cinnamon. Base notes of suede, vanilla, and amber add warmth and depth.

Size: 10ml

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Top Notes: Spice, Lavender Mid Notes: Cinnamon, Toffee Base Notes: Vanilla, Suede, Amber

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