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Citizen Jack Parfum


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The Feeling: The evening party awaits your arrival, with your impeccable appearance, refined style, and captivating presence that never fails to leave a lasting imprint. Among the crowd, it is clear that your aura of sophistication and charm reigns supreme. With a mischievous grin, you confidently make your way to the bar, poised to kick off the evening with a fine martini.

The Fragrance: Dynamic and fruity notes of bergamot, melon, mandarin, and waterlily warm into earthy notes of sage, amber woods, violet leaves, and vanilla. Rich and woody base notes of vetiver root, tonka bean, musk, and sandalwood layer for a warm and unforgettable undertone.

Size: 3.4 fl oz

Top Notes: Mediterranean Bergamot, Melon, Mandarin Leaves, Waterlily Mid Notes: Clary Sage, Amber Woods, Violet Leaves, Vanilla Base Notes: Vetiver Root, Tonka Bean, Musk, Sandalwood
Clement Gavarry

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